Oct 052015

Image: Fei Mo Di

A Small Life and Two Small Lives are the first two parts of Suki’s life-story.

TRUE LIFE NUDE starts here
A fifty-episode serial in collaboration with eight photographers.

At the opening of this final part of the trilogy Suki has escaped to Berlin to try and pick up the threads of her former seventeen-year relationship with Ilka. Despite Suki’s recent ‘success’ as a writer (the modest publication by a small press of her first novel) she must still work as a jobbing life-model to make ends meet.

From what has Suki ‘escaped’? Well – the trauma of a stillborn child, followed by a distractingly riotous fling with dominating control-freak Tamara: zany and fun – but a BDSM relationship didn’t look anywhere near as safe as…

…Acquiescent Ilka.

So will Berlin be the answer? Resorting to the manageable familiarity of a passionless relationship in order to write? Having to work for artists (German ones this time) to get money? Has Suki attained her dream? The pot of gold? The realisation of her raison d’etre?

And if so then why, with her literary agent keenly awaiting her next manuscript, is it proving impossible to get down to it?

If Berlin is not Suki’s final destination, then what next?

Read Suki’s serialised poetry collection Kunst here.