Feb 252016



Aussie Cyril’s permissiveness re: ‘doctoring’ his photographs has disinhibited me. I am re-visiting all the photos emailed to me by attendees of that first session with the Shanghai Art Nude Photography Group. I’ve cropped this pic by Jacques-from-Brussels to make it more of a ‘hand’ study.

At one a.m. I am still at my makeshift desk (the chest of drawers in the bedroom). Behind me, Bel is on her bed asleep. I am delighted with my night’s creativity. So what, if it’s not writing creativity? This is me in these pictures: I claim the right to change my own look. After all I have my own ideas, and I have the software.
    The only images I have not touched are the ones sent me by Fei Mo Di. His are perfect. Which seems amazing, considering we didn’t like each other. Or maybe it’s because of that? For him I am not a woman but a series of shapes, interestingly shaded. So what. He’s just a French horn.
    Am I disturbing Bel? She’s not in that deep sleep where you can hear the breathing. Never mind – I’ll quickly email one of my best results to Cyril. Maybe he’s still up. Get his opinion.

Good evening Cyril
First, re the crop I sent you of your ‘
apres Freud’ pic – don’t worry about me “looking like a victim”. A victim of whom? I do this by choice. And just to let you know – you’re not the only photographer whose work I am adulterating. I’ve been working on some of Jacques’ photos. His shots of my Schiele poses were not at all Schiele-esque. Not edgy, not spiky, and (unlike some of yours) utterly unsexy. Attached is one of his I’ve drastically modified. Your thoughts?

Aussie Cyril must wear his cell-phone next to his heart. His response is almost instant.

Good evening to you, Suki! The attached ‘hand study’ reminds me of some of Alfred Stieglitz‘s pictures of his model Georgia O’Keefe. I am looking forward to seeing more of your crops. Please tell me – which Art Nude photographers do you like? Yours, Cyril sent from my iPhone

A sudden movement – Bel abruptly getting up. She sidles past to the toilet.
    Is she pissed off? Have I kept her awake? I’ll just shoot off a quick answer.

Don’t really know any except Lee Miller, though she is more model and muse for Man Ray than photographer in her own right – yes? C u tomoz S

I turn off the lamp, go the bathroom after Bel has come (wordlessly) back, clean my teeth. ‘Ping!’ – another email. Oh dear, I know she’s annoyed but I just want to take a quick look. In the dark I creep back to the laptop.

My dear Suki, re Lee Miller, in my opinion she was a photo-journalist more than art photographer – see this link. If you will permit me, I would be delighted to regale you with some Art Nude history. I’ve got so many books I can lend you from my very extensive photographic library accumulated during many, many years of Media Studies lectureships, too many years, how can I be so old? (-: Luckily I have not yet begun the process of shipping them back to Australia. I think you’ll find it interesting to look first at the Photo-Secessionist movement founded in 1902, led by Stieglitz. This is the movement that insisted on Art Nude photography becoming accepted as ‘art’. I’ll give you a book tomorrow. In fact it’s already tomorrow, and time for a beauty to get her beauty-sleep, so I’ll wish you goodnight! Sent from my iPhone

    ‘That Cyril?’
    I slide into my bed – ‘yes.’



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